SoundPLAN supporting ICBEN 2014


ICBEN is the International Commission on Biological Effects of Noise. Its goal is to promote a high level of scientific research concerning all the aspects noise-induced effects on human beings and on animals including preventive regulatory measures and to keep alive a vivid communication among the scientists working in that field. ICBEN is a non-profit organization that has no legal identity of its own and entirely depends on its members and its officers that voluntarily work for the organization. The means to achieve its ambitious goals are mainly based on the unique structure of ICBEN.

SoundPLAN: Complex Structures Allowed!

None of the standards designed for the calculation of environmental noise cover the complexity of the real world. All standards stop with screening over an obstacle. Some explain multiple screening for two independent screens but do not recognize that a building with a front and a back are not two completely independent screens. Most of the standards do not explain wind and weather sufficiently. In any case, there are many gaps in the common standards.

SoundPLAN has solved some of the geometrical shortcomings representing the real world. For openings of tunnels from roads and railways, for example, there is a dedicated tunnel object allowing the user to enter the geometry of a tunnel and define how far into the tunnel absorptive material is used. From these parameters, the program calculates the emission from the tunnel in the normal calculation. Tunnel objects are unique to SoundPLAN.

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Joint promotion of Acoustic Camera with Hiroki-san of Catec in Osaka, Japan


Catec is the distributor of Norsonic in Japan. Catec is the leader in providing a wide range of high performance software for Vibration Measurement Systems, Noise Measurement Systems, Heat Measurement Systems, and Measurement Control Systems with RS232C and so on. Catec provides the general-purpose software like “Cat-System” and Virtual Test System. The Cat-System is utilized for measurement and analysis of vibration, noise, deformation, heat and so on by using general-purpose A/D board and Personal Computer. On the other hand, Catec also provides customized systems for various vibration, noise and heat analysis as well as technical consulting services.

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Sound tracing device. Small and good looking. Liked by the Monte Carlo of the Orient.

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Macao (or spelled “Macau”), a famous tourism and gambling city in Asia, has the second highest life expectancy in the world and is one of the very few places having a “very high Human Development Index” in Asia. It is thus not difficult to understand why there is a rapidly growing demand for better and better environmental quality from the citizens.

Due to its high population density, Macao’s roads and buildings are actually located very close to each other. When you stand on the streets, it is so easy to hear a very rich ambient soundscape, comprising sounds from the community, industrial, commercial activities as well as construction works. Due to its rich and complex nature, when people complain about the noise nuisance, sometimes it may not be easy to identify which source is actually the main one causing the problem using traditional measurement equipment.

When the environmental practitioners in Macao visited us during the MIECF 2014, after trying the Acoustic Camera Nor848A, they considered it a breakthrough as a sound chasing device that could be helpful for them to identify sound source, and very impressed by its portability and elegant appearance. Other visitors, coming from the sectors of aviation, transportation, environmental, energy, automobile and government, were introduced to various applications of Acoustic Camera Nor848A on product design, diagnosis, QA/QC and continuous improvement.  Special thanks to our Asia Manager, Michel!

It might be cool to generate a real-time dynamic noise map using a network of acoustic cameras. Hopefully in a not too distant future, we will be able to see a sound chasing device in every corner of the casinos, hotels and facilities in Macao!  Maybe we could use it to trace racing cars during the Macau Grand Prix!

Sample Project available for download – Wincity (via

SoundPLAN 7.3

Example project Wincity

In order to become familiar with the strenghts of SoundPLAN we have prepared the demo project “Wincity” for you. Use the flyer “demo projects” (stored in the project folder) for your tour through SoundPLAN.

The SoundPLAN demo version cannot create new projects – therefore download Wincity73, extract it and select the project after you opened SoundPLAN.

Additional example projects and test cases are available in the SoundPLAN Manager vial Help -> Updates & Downloads, Tab index card demo projects.

Download: WinCity73