Locating Sound with Norsonic Acoustic Camera

“Sound level meters do not provide information about where a sound is coming from. BKL has used the Norsonic Acoustic Camera 848 to identify the location of dominant industrial, marine, road, rail and indoor noise sources. It uses real time processing with 256 microphones mounted in a 1m diameter disc to perform this analysis. In this looped example, the location of a distant ship horn blast is obvious using the Nor848, illustrated with a sound contour overlay. Furthermore, the audio playback is specific to the cursor location so the listener can also “hear” the sound that is arriving from different directions.”

Source: BKL Consultants

Happy New Year!!! Greetings from Norsonic | SoundPLAN distributor in Hong Kong

Happy New Year!  Wish you a very fruitful and healthy Year of 2014!

It is with great pleasure to announce that we have been appointed as the exclusive distributor of Norsonic and SoundPLAN in Hong Kong and Macao, through our web portal www.4dNoise.com.

What’s Hot! 

  • Noise and Air Modelling – You may download the latest SoundPLAN 7.3 to have a trial of how it can help on your noise and air modelling tasks.
  • Trade-in Sound & Acoustics Equipment – If you want to trade your existing sound & acoustics equipment with the latest Norsonic models, please feel free to let us know!  Please download the latest Norsonic catalog to reveal the wide range of acoustics measurement and testing equipment.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone on +852 2376-4989 or by email sales@4dNoise.com whereby we would only be too pleased to assist.

Best regards

The 4dNoise Team

Norsonic Multichannel System Nor850 version 1.6 is now released!

Norsonic Multichannel System Nor850 version 1.6 is now released!

The Nor850 version 1.6 is now released. It add new unique features to Sound Power, Building Acoustics and general analyser mode. The main new features are:

Complete setups may be stored with a lock which avoids other users to change current setup files.

A special Marker Bar enables the operator to set single or toggle markers along the time-line during the measurement which later may be found in the NorReview for post-processing.

A new Scheduler feature allows the automated progress of an entire sound insulation test (level, reverberation and background) without any acceptance from the operator.

Hence, complete test may be performed automatically.
Import of individual Nor140 measurement files into the Nor850 projects is now possible. This feature works for level, reverberation and complete building acoustic measurement files.

A new Multi-Rating view is available for displaying all available ratings – even from multiple projects.

When performing reverberation time measurements in multiple positions, a new feature for Ensemble averaging may be used to average the decay curves before calculation the reverberation time value.

The proposed ISO/DIS 16283 with the special corner measurements is implemented as a “Standard”. Hence, the Nor850 version 1.6 offers the ability to test out the new principles.

New SoundPLAN 7.3 & New SoundPLAN-Essential 3.0

New SoundPLAN 7.3 & New SoundPLAN-Essential 3.0

The Evolution continues! SoundPLAN 7.3 is now available as a native 64 bit version or a 32 bit version. There is no surcharge for the 64 bit version. The 64 bit version of SoundPLAN 7.3 requires a PC with a CPU that is capable for 64 bit programs and Windows 7 (64) or Windows 8 (64). To make full use of the software, this version also requires more memory in the PC than the 32 bit version.

With the 64 bit version there is no size restriction. Depending on the standard, this version also calculates a bit faster than the 32 bit version. 32 bit and 64 bit versions can be installed parallel to one another on the same PC .

SoundPLAN-Essential is also available in a new version, SoundPLAN-Essential 3.0. Both SoundPLAN 7.3 (32bit) and SoundPLAN-Essential 3.0 can be downloaded at:


SoundPLAN® Extensively Used in Australia

…. the SoundPLAN noise prediction model is extensively used in Australia, particularly for road traffic noise predictions, and has been recognised and accepted nationally by various regulatory authorities including the major road authorities and environmental agencies.

Read the full paper > http://www.acoustics.asn.au/conference_proceedings/ICA2010/cdrom-ICA2010/papers/p730.pdf

Aircraft Noise Animation #3 by SoundPLAN®

This is an animated noise map of the departure of a jet airplane. The animation was produced with the noise prediction software SoundPLAN® and shows the animated noise map and the level time histogram for different points of the map. The calculation is based on the German aircraft calculation standard AzB 2008.

Aircraft Noise Animation #2 by SoundPLAN®

This is an animated noise map of a landing military airplane. The animation was produced with the noise prediction software SoundPLAN®. The calculation is based on the German aircraft calculation standard AzB 2008.