DesignBuilder announcing the launch of new v4 software

Simulation Made Even Easier! DesignBuilder v4 adds a substantial set of new features and improvements compared with v3, including a major overhaul to the modeller to make it even more flexible and productive. For a full list of all new features please visit our website. This is our biggest release ever and we would like to show … Continue reading DesignBuilder announcing the launch of new v4 software

SoundPLAN supporting ICBEN 2014

ICBEN is the International Commission on Biological Effects of Noise. Its goal is to promote a high level of scientific research concerning all the aspects noise-induced effects on human beings and on animals including preventive regulatory measures and to keep alive a vivid communication among the scientists working in that field. ICBEN is a non-profit … Continue reading SoundPLAN supporting ICBEN 2014

Locating Sound with Norsonic Acoustic Camera "Sound level meters do not provide information about where a sound is coming from. BKL has used the Norsonic Acoustic Camera 848 to identify the location of dominant industrial, marine, road, rail and indoor noise sources. It uses real time processing with 256 microphones mounted in a 1m diameter disc to perform this analysis. … Continue reading Locating Sound with Norsonic Acoustic Camera

Norsonic Nor277 Tapping Machine Norsonic Nor277 Tapping Machine Impact sound transmission testing to ISO 140 part VI, VII and VIII, ASTM E-492 and ASTM E-1007 Ln,w calculation in accordance with ISO 717-2 and ASTM E-989 Remote ON/OFF switch or PC control Mains or battery (Li-Ion) Battery capacity: Typical 1 hour Charging time: 2 hours Compact, rugged construction Low … Continue reading Norsonic Nor277 Tapping Machine

Sample Project available for download – Wincity (via

Example project Wincity In order to become familiar with the strenghts of SoundPLAN we have prepared the demo project "Wincity" for you. Use the flyer "demo projects" (stored in the project folder) for your tour through SoundPLAN. The SoundPLAN demo version cannot create new projects - therefore download Wincity73, extract it and select the project … Continue reading Sample Project available for download – Wincity (via