User-friendly real-time tracking system to monitor noise performance of aircraft and airport with proven technology being used for 351 noise monitoring stations at 39 airports.  Seamless integration with radar data in accordance with international standards and local requirements.  The system presents flight paths with associated noise levels and climbing profile & weather conditions.  Capable to predict the noise performance of an aircraft at a particular position on the flight path.

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Dusseldorf Airport Noise Monitoring System

Hamburg Airport Noise Monitoring System

Santiago Airport Noise Monitoring System

Munich Airport Noise Monitoring System   |  Online Reporting


TraVis supports the dialogue about aircraft noise between residents, complainants and airport environmental department and is operative for major airports in Europe, Asia and now also in South America.

Our business activities include sales, installation and maintenance of turnkey systems for continuous measurement and reporting. The main fields of application of our systems are aircraft noise and track monitoring and environmental noise monitoring (traffic noise, industrial noise and other sources). We also offer meteorological continuous measurement systems and software for distributing of radar data for optimizing the ground handling on airports.

Topsonic Systemhaus GmbH was founded in 1996 as a subsidiary of topsystem Systemhaus GmbH.

Topsonic is specialized in the development of aircraft noise monitoring systems and is one of the leading suppliers worldwide in this business segment. Our noise monitoring systems are also established successfully in other industrial sectors like race circuits, construction sites and production plants. Since the use of radar data was approved by the national air traffic controls the new scope of duties “radar data processing” has been established.

Topsonic Systemhaus GmbH is privately owned. All shareholders are staff members.


Aircraft Noise and Flight Track Monitoring System

A noise and track monitoring system consists of several components which collect and store input data, calculate relevant values and prepare them for presentation.

Topsonic systems measure continuously and without interruption — 365 days per year, in ice and snow, in the desert and in tropical environments.


Click on the picture to see the aircraft in Frankfurt moving. http://franom.fraport.de/2014/franom.php