SoundPLAN 7.4 is ready for you! What’s New in SP7.4?


SoundPLAN version 7.4 is ready for you! Every SoundPLAN user with a new license (less than 12 months old) or with Update & Maintenance services will receive a DVD for a free upgrade.

What’s New in SoundPLAN 7.4?

  • 2D, 3D directivity re-designed
  • Buildings can now float and allow noise to pass underneath
  • Import of picture locations with GPS info
  • Calculate SWL Sound Power Level from measurement points
  • …. and many more

Download a full report of update in SoundPLAN 7.4 from here

New in SoundPLAN 7.4: dedicated Wind Turbine with entry and calculation according to ISO and UK IOA model


Source Types Wind Turbines

For industrial noise calculations, SoundPLAN offers point, line and area sources and an industrial building. Sources can be mid-frequency, octave bands or third octave bands. The ranges can be between 25 Hz and 20 kHz. The industrial building allows for the simulation inside as well as the transmission through the outside walls.

New in SoundPLAN 7.4: dedicated Wind Turbine with entry and calculation in accordance to ISO 9613, ÖNORM ISO 9613-2 and the UK-Institute of Acoustics model for wind turbines. The library now contains standard wind turbines with their acoustical data and the height of the hub and the rotor diameter. As the sources can be placed directly on top of a digital ground model with the attribute “terrain referenced”, it is very easy to make a model for wind turbines.

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SoundPLAN Training in US by Navcon 30-31.10.2014

This two day SoundPLAN training seminar by Navcon is intended for both SoundPLAN users and those engineers, technicians and hygienists tasked with environmental,
community, and/or industrial noise measurement, planning, analysis and control. Lecture topics include sound propagation theory, national and international noise modeling standards and guidelines (for road, rail, industry and entertainment facilities), noise regulations and noise assessment methods.

Attendees will use the SoundPLAN software to develop noise models, generate noise contours, make noise level predictions at sensitive receiver locations, assess noise mitigation scenarios such as optimizing noise barriers (length, height, absorption, etc.), relocating equipment, applying lagging
treatments, installing silencers, etc. The principal objectives of the training are to introduce attendees to the SoundPLAN user interface and to show how noise modeling software can be used for noise planning, noise mitigation and noise assessment studies.

Download flyer Navcon_Engineering_2014_SoundPLAN_User_Training_Seminar


SoundPLAN supporting ICBEN 2014


ICBEN is the International Commission on Biological Effects of Noise. Its goal is to promote a high level of scientific research concerning all the aspects noise-induced effects on human beings and on animals including preventive regulatory measures and to keep alive a vivid communication among the scientists working in that field. ICBEN is a non-profit organization that has no legal identity of its own and entirely depends on its members and its officers that voluntarily work for the organization. The means to achieve its ambitious goals are mainly based on the unique structure of ICBEN.

SoundPLAN: Complex Structures Allowed!

None of the standards designed for the calculation of environmental noise cover the complexity of the real world. All standards stop with screening over an obstacle. Some explain multiple screening for two independent screens but do not recognize that a building with a front and a back are not two completely independent screens. Most of the standards do not explain wind and weather sufficiently. In any case, there are many gaps in the common standards.

SoundPLAN has solved some of the geometrical shortcomings representing the real world. For openings of tunnels from roads and railways, for example, there is a dedicated tunnel object allowing the user to enter the geometry of a tunnel and define how far into the tunnel absorptive material is used. From these parameters, the program calculates the emission from the tunnel in the normal calculation. Tunnel objects are unique to SoundPLAN.

Click here to download info in PDF format.