Topsonic Systemhaus GmbH was founded in 1996 as a subsidiary of topsystem Systemhaus GmbH. Topsonic is specialized in the development of aircraft noise monitoring systems and is one of the leading suppliers worldwide in this business segment. Our noise monitoring systems are also established successfully in other industrial sectors like race circuits, construction sites and … Continue reading Topsonic

Live Sensing

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Sound Analyser Nor140

A precision hand held sound level meter designed for the most demanding users. The Nor140 is packed into the smallest real time analyser featuring sound recording present on the market today. Overview Why upgrade your Nor140 to v4.0? PD-Nor140-folder-02171v2 Applications Environmental noise assessments Environmental noise monitoring Building acoustics Noise hazards in the workplace Product development … Continue reading Sound Analyser Nor140

Norsonic 产品目錄

4dNoise是為您提供噪音和震動測試儀器的一站式服務商店。 我們搜羅國際知名的製造商和軟件公司,篩選出專業創新和備受認證的科技和儀器,適用於不同的工作環境,符合最嚴格的工作要求,能勝任環境監察、質量控制、公通噪音、建築施工、工業防護等方面的聲學工作。 4dNoise為以下產品在香港和澳門的獨家官方代理商︰ SoundPLAN Norsonic Topsonic SoundBadge SONarchitect ISO NoiseAtWork Profound Sunny Intellegent 4dNoise引入的科技廣受應用,下列是部分採用4dNoise科技來供應市場需求的的系統和應用程式︰ 聲學照相機 (直徑0.4米,配有128+支麥克風) 建築聲學測量系統 (無線測量) 氣流阻力測量系統 (測量多孔材料) 噪聲地圖及空氣質量模擬軟件 噪音測量儀 (完備精準) 職業噪音分佈繪製軟件 隔音效果計算軟件 (EN 12354) 激光測振儀 我們致力瑰集最好最新的聲學產品,並為客戶提供最佳的售後維修服務。 ZCCK 智诚创科 竭诚为您提供先进噪声设备仪器和电脑软件, 专营: 挪威 Norsonic 声学照相机 / 声级计 / 建筑声学 德国 SoundPLAN 噪声地图软件.  建筑声学 Nor140声分析仪 Nor265麦克风旋转臂 Nor275半侧六面体声源扬声器(Hemi-dodecahedron Loudspeaker) Nor276十二面体声源扬声器(Dodecahedron Loudspeaker) Nor277踏步机 Nor280功率放大器 Nor1516B无线建筑声学系统 Nor1028 NorBuild建筑声学软件 Nor850多通道系统 工業防护 NOR 131和Nor132声级计 Nor133和Nor136振动计 Nor1025 … Continue reading Norsonic 产品目錄

NorReview v6.1.37 is NOW Released!

Norsonic have now released the new upgraded NorReview v6.1.37. The new version contains the following new features: Support for the Nor150 “ProfileB” and “Moving” reports. Nor150 version 1.2 markers are now visible in the NorReview displays. Added “Visible” property for various markers. Available from the Marker Management Bar. Added “Stepping Surface Mesh” setting for the 3D … Continue reading NorReview v6.1.37 is NOW Released!

Airport Noise Monitoring System

User-friendly real-time tracking system to monitor noise performance of aircraft and airport with proven technology being used for 351 noise monitoring stations at 39 airports.  Seamless integration with radar data in accordance with international standards and local requirements.  The system presents flight paths with associated noise levels and climbing profile & weather conditions.  Capable to predict the noise performance of an aircraft at … Continue reading Airport Noise Monitoring System

Our Technology Partners

At 4dNoise our goal is to enable our clients to make appropriate business decisions more efficiently and effectively. So as to accomplish that, our solutions are designed integrating the best-of-breed technologies from our wide range of partners. Norsonic SoundPLAN Topsonic Profound SONARCHITECT ISO NoiseAtWork Kvikoo Sonitus Systems Omnidots 4dNoise is proud partner of the above … Continue reading Our Technology Partners