Tapping Machine Nor277

For making footfall noise transmission measurements in buildings as set out in International and National Standards. Self calibrating test ! Overview Applications Nor277 is a tapping machine for impact noise measurements designed to meet the requirements given in ISO 10140-5. ISO 16283-2 and the old ISO 140-6, -7,-8 as well as ASTM E492 and ASTM E1007. Features Impact sound transmission … Continue reading Tapping Machine Nor277

Multichannel System Nor850

The Nor850 measurement system is the state-of-the-art acoustical analyser from Norsonic. Using the experiences and accumulated knowhow from the previous generations of analyser, Norsonic is offering a unique multi-channel system. Applications The software Nor850 Suite is connecting a variable number of individual measuring units to create the optimal system that suits any measurement task. Dedicated … Continue reading Multichannel System Nor850

Impact Ball Nor279

The Impact Ball Nor279 is a product developed for use as an impact source for measurements of impact sound insulation performance – for example of floors in collective housing. Overview Applications To be used as the “Rubber Ball “ alternative to the Tapping Machine Excitation method in accordance with the ISO 16283-2 Appendix A.2 and … Continue reading Impact Ball Nor279

Sound and Vibration Analyser Nor150

The Nor150 sound level meter sets new standards in user-friendliness featuring the largest colour touchscreen in a handheld meter on the market today. Overview Featuring a large 4.3” true colour touchscreen, the Nor150 provides the user friendliness of a smartphone. Further features include; two measurement channels, built in web server, camera, GPS and advanced voice … Continue reading Sound and Vibration Analyser Nor150

建筑声学 Building Acoustics

Nor140声分析仪 Nor265麦克风旋转臂 Nor275半侧六面体声源扬声器(Hemi-dodecahedron Loudspeaker) Nor276十二面体声源扬声器(Dodecahedron Loudspeaker) Nor277打击器(Norsonic Tapping Machine)  Nor280功率放大器 Nor1516B无线建筑声学系统 Nor1028 Norbuild建筑声学软件 Nor850多通道系统

Download Centre

Norsonic Product Catalogue Download Norsonic Product Catalogue Acoustic Camera Nor848A / Nor848B Nor848 Acoustic Camera Product Data Sheet Case Studies Nor848.Case.Study.Siemens Nor848.Case.Study.Tapei.Metro Nor848.Case.Study.Wind.Turbine Norsonic – Sound Level Meters Nor13x series and Nor140 Nor140 Product Brochure Microphones and Pre-amplifiers norsonic.nor.1209.1.2.inch.microphone.preamplifier norsonic.nor.1207.1.2.inch.icp.microphone.preamplifier norsonic.nor.1201.1.2.inch.general.purpose.preamplifier norsonic.microphone.cartridges Norsonic – Building Acoustic Product Data: Noise excitation for Building Acoustics Product Data: … Continue reading Download Centre

Norsonic Building Acoustics Multichannel System Nor850

The Norsonic concept in multichannel measurements; the Nor850 Distributed Multichannel System. By connecting a number of individual measuring units through various communication channels, the user may create the optimal multichannel system for any task. Dedicated user-friendly application packages for various uses are available, and the system control is done with a PC running the state-of-the-art … Continue reading Norsonic Building Acoustics Multichannel System Nor850

Noise Sources

Hemi-dodecahedron loudspeaker Nor275 Only 6 kg – 120dB Lw! Read more Dodecahedron loudspeaker Nor276 Less than 10 kg – 120dB Lw ! Read more Tapping machine Nor277 Self calibrating test Read more Reference sound source Nor278 New reference sound source for Sound Power measureme… Read more Power Amplifier Nor280 Only 3,5 kg – 500Wrms ! Read more

Building Acoustics

    Nor850 Distributed Multichannel System  Nor1516 Bluetooth Wireless BA System  Hemi-dodecahedron loudspeaker Nor275  .. Only 6 kg – 120dB Lw!   Dodecahedron loudspeaker Nor276 .. Less than 10 kg – 120dB Lw !  Tapping machine Nor277 .. Self calibrating test  Power Amplifier Nor280 .. Only 3,5 kg – 500Wrms !  Nor265 Microphone boom / turntable basic unit  NorBuild Nor1028 .. NorBuild is a program for … Continue reading Building Acoustics