Dear Friends and Colleagues

I was recently talking to an old friend about the quality and reliability of equipment for smart city applications. I said it’s true that there are not too many manufacturers willing to offer a free warranty longer than one year. Apple has Apple Care which is offered at a price of about 10% of the buying price. If we use the same calculation, the hardware we are offering with a 3 year warranty is in fact 20% cheaper than the counterparts of the same grade in the market. Based on my experience in semiconductors factory, the costs of burning in, humidity, temperature tests are all very high. Without enough confidence, the manufacturer would not dare to offer a three-year warranty for free. Check out our hardware supplier. It is not just the replacement costs, but also the potential downtime.

Starting to roll out “Kvikoo for Rail” at the railway expo in Chengdu, China, later this month, we will have a launch party with our partner Max providing technical support in over 10 locations in China and South East Asia.

In addition to the noise simulation seminar held in Shanghai last year, 4dNoise joined this year’s global SoundPLAN distributor meeting in Backnang, Germany. While it is always good to meet with fellow colleagues from around the world, it was also good to listen to the owner Mr Jochen’s presentation. I still remember his hands-on instant demonstration of how to simulate road traffic noise from tunnel portal and complex flyover structure.

Warmest regards
The 4dNoise Management Team
Mar 2019