Dear Friends and Colleagues

Stepping into 2019, we have refurbished our 4dNoise website to make it more user friendly and include more useful information. One of the key features we would like to highlight is the newly added LIVE session, where you can see a number of live demos of intelligent sensing systems in operation. At this stage, we have included demos of several airports in Germany and United Kingdom. We will keep on updating. Do come back and check them out at

This month, our partner Norsonic has also launched their next generation sound level meter (sound analyser), Nor145, featuring a large colour touch screen of 4.3″ and lightweight, slim design, and has the options of Wi-Fi and 4G. It comes with a simple, one-button setup making it quick and easy to use. Users can listen to recordings direct from the device for in the field measurements. Nor145 is also an advanced building acoustics system, fully compatible with “NorCloud” for automatic data collection and report generation,. Click links below for flyer and product data sheet.
Flyer: Nor145 Sound Analyser
Product data: Nor145 Sound Analyser

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. May I wish you a very happy, healthy, and fruitful Year of the Pig!

Warmest regards
The 4dNoise Management Team
Jan 2019